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Who We Are
TVS Ministries raises the necessary donations in order to fund interactive online classes by select world
renowned teachers of Biblical studies and systematic and practical theology.
Teaching the Truth of GOD's WORD

To the most PEOPLE

Using the best AVAILABLE

Teachers and METHODS

TVS Ministries is a non-profit educational organization that aims to fund the best free theological education online to students worldwide. These courses will offer both videotaped and interactive online classes from some of the best teachers in Biblical Studies and Systematic and Practical Theology.

We believe in connecting people and providing a deep biblical education so that anyone worldwide can learn without limits. We dream of funding courses in multiple languages for online access in many countries. Many of these students are simply seeking spiritual truth. They are studying to increase their Bible knowledge, while others are gaining certification in a ministry specialization or pursuing a bachelor’s degree.

TVS Ministries is committed to the traditional, Biblical view of the Christian faith. We work cooperatively with various ministries and churches so that everyone has access to a world-class theological education that, until now, has been available only to a select few. We aim to empower Christians worldwide with an education that will improve their lives, ministries, and the churches they serve. The course materials we fund are filmed in live classrooms, and then a team of translators prepares these courses in other languages so that they may serve the whole body of Christ. These courses are not officially connected to a particular church or denomination. TVS Ministries welcomes partnership opportunities with like-minded evangelical Christian organizations.

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